• The application process

    Step By Step

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    Step 1

    Contact Form

    Give Us The Deets:


    Please answer a few questions, and submit this form with your application so we know the full scoop.


    Click here to download the contact form.

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    Step 2

    Paycheck Stubs

    2 Paystubs Please:


    In order to run your application we need your most recent paycheck stubs, two to be exact. Please also submit this with your application so we can verify your employment and income.

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    Step 3

    The Application

    Please Fill Out Completely:


    Please be sure to fill out the address, and sign on page two.


    Click here to download the application, and please email the application directly to: Aaron@SactownLiving.com

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    Step 4

    Check Your Email

    For The Final Step:


    Once we have the paper application, we will send a link to fill out an electronic background check called "MySmartMove". This is a secure online application from Transunion credit bureau.